The transition from Primary School to Post Primary school can be challenging for many students and the Deele College induction program aims to address some of the key issues such as:

  • making new friends
  • dealing with a timetable
  • increased homework levels
  • negotiating the school building
  • how to manage relationships with older students

In order for the programme to run successfully and to ease the transition from primary to post primary we pride ourselves on:

  • Developing links with feeder primary schools so that students become familiar with their new school.
  • Developing a student passport which allows the class tutor to develop a greater knowledge of the student prior to commencement at Deele College
  • Establishing student mentors who act as a ‘buddy’ for younger students, to help students to settle into the new school and progress academically.
  • Having effective anti-bullying policies and structures to involve teachers and students in decision-making within the school in order to bring about a positive school climate.
  • Monitoring progress and targeting support in the early phase of first year. 

The program runs for the first four days of the school year.

  • This week is designed around familiarising students with the school building their teachers and their timetable.
  • The students take part in a number of teamwork activities to help develop positive relationships with the other students and their class.
  • This week focuses on helping students to adjust to increased levels of homework at Post Primary school.
  • Teachers focus on supporting students and the use of their homework journal and managing homework in an increased number of subjects.