Teaching and Learning is our core purpose at Deele College.

Through the School Self Evaluation (SSE) process we continually strive to enable all students to reach and surpass their academic targets whilst supporting them in developing the skills and qualities that they need to be successful in later life.

Our DEIS plan and our Digital Learning Plan outlines clear and effective targets and actions for both staff and students which will ensure a consistent approach that enables all learners to achieve within the classroom and in the wider school environment.

Digital Technology is an area of high priority and We wish to develop further the already positive attitude to digital technology that exists in our school. Deele College aims to integrate technology into the student experience and foster an environment of support and innovation.  School leadership will provide resources and cultivate a supportive and collaborative teaching and learning environment for integrating technology as a meaningful and effective part of the educational process. Students will leave our school as confident, creative and productive users of new technologies, including ICT, and understand the impact of those technologies on society.

Digital Literacy and Coding programme is now part of the 1st year subject options and the lunch-time club has introduced it to students during the lunch-times. All 1st and 2nd years have access IT for 1 class per week.