Restorative Practice at Deele College

Deele College is committed to building positive relationships between our teachers and students within our school community.

We here at Deele College strive to educate our students, from 1st to 6th Year, on the principles of Restorative Practices. Consistent with this, our teaching staff continue to apply restorative principles within their relationships with students.

Participating in the recent Peace IV Restorative Practices Project, Deele College have become leaders in adopting restorative approaches within our school environment.

The school have 3 staff members who recently completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Restorative Practice.

Those in our teaching staff have also completed CPD, revolving around applying restorative measures in their own practice.

Students within our Student Council and Student Leadership Team have participated in practical sessions demonstrating the basics of Restorative Practices.

With this, Deele College continue our commitment to building positive relationships between our students, teachers and those actively involved in our whole school community. Our students and teachers engage in activities such as learning the values of Restorative Practice, Circle Time and Reflection exercises, for example, the questions we should consider after our interactions with people.