‘Amazing Brains’ Study Skills Workshop

Each year our 1st Year students participate in ‘Amazing Brains’ Study Skills Workshop.  Providing students with valuable study skills and techniques to help them throughout their post primary education.

Study Skills

“More important than studying hard is to have a good strategy”

Start with Good Habits

  • Your STUDY AREA should be well lit, organised & quiet
  • Make TO DO LISTS at the beginning of each study session & cross off as you go
  • Become familiar with PAST EXAM PAPERS, so you know what layout to expect
  • Make sure you get enough sleep the night before your exams
  • Switch off the phone
  • Use Speech Cards or Sticky Notes to help remember important points
  • Have a good breakfast / lunch to help your concentration
  • Ask your teachers lots of questions
  • Get involved in your lessons
  • Take regular breaks at least every 50 minutes & get up & move about
  • Divide out your time carefully in exams to answer all questions
  • Make a Study Timetable – study the hardest subject when you are feeling most alert
  • Read the questions very carefully
  • Do not just re-read, take notes, draw diagrams, test yourself
  • Always use all of the time given for the exam. Never leave an exam early!
  • Keep up to date & complete all subject homework!!