‘Wellbeing’ is a new part of the Junior Certificate cycle, but it is not new to our school. Here at Deele College we have always prioritised the holistic development of our students through our academic, extracurricular, guidance, SPHE, learning support and pastoral care programmes.

Members of the Well-being Core Team

  • Ms Tara Friel
  • Mr Danny McFadden
  • Ms Fiona Friel
  • Ms Liz Mc Laughlin
  • Ms G Brady

Well-being Team

The Well-being team was formed in November 2017 consisting of teachers from different subject areas such as: SPHE, PE, CSPE, Guidance and Mr D Mc Fadden from the senior leadership and management make up the core team.

The Well-being team co-ordinator Ms Tara Friel and all the core team are committed to providing the varied and vast programme of activities and initiatives that will ensure that the well-being needs of our students are met. They very much focus on the Junior Cycle key skills and staying well elements as a central focus to their work and planning process.

The Well-being core team has held meetings with the student council, where the Wellbeing programme was discussed and the student council gave valuable feed that is now incorporated into the planning process.

A student Wellbeing Committee has also been formed which is composed of members from all years. This committee works closely with the Wellbeing coordinator and are responsible for the organisation of several student wellbeing activities throughout the year. They make up a valuable and integral part of Deele Colleges Wellbeing programme.

The Six Wellbeing Indicators

In designing our wellbeing programme we have ensured that all of the Six Wellbeing Indicators – Active, Responsible, Connected, Resilient, Respected and Aware have been identified in our programme and are central to it’s provision and delivery. These indicators make explicit what is important for teachers, parents and the wider school community