Deele College Parents’ Association

Chairperson: Ms Sinead Kelly
Secretary: Ms Nicola Ayres

The Deele College Parents’ Association is an integral part of the school community and gives parents a platform to engage with the senior leadership and management of the school. The meetings allow parents the opportunity to engage in dialogue with other parents and school personnel.

The Parents’ Association hold five meetings each academic school year. Each meeting is advertised on the schools social media platforms and all parents are notified by text.

The Parents Association hold their AGM at their first meeting each year where a chairperson and secretary is elected. There is no treasurer appointed as the role of the Parents Association within Deele College currently is not to be a fund raising body. Any funds that would be raised will go through the schools accounting system.

Over the past 5 years the Parents Association of Deele College and the Royal and Prior Parents’ Association have organised a 5km fun run/walk to raise funds and awareness of Jigsaw Donegal. There is an emphasis fostering greater co-operation and collaboration between the communities of both schools.