Teacher – Student Mentoring Programme for 6th Year Students

Aim of the programme:

  • To provide support, guidance and practical advice to 6th year students on how to reach their potential in the Leaving Certificate examinations.
  • To motivate and encourage students to take greater responsibility for their academic outcomes.
  • To encourage students to become more self directed in their learning.
    To identify and address areas that could become a source of stress for students during the academic year.

How the programme works:

  • Teachers volunteer to take responsibility for 2 – 4 students in 6th year.
  • Teachers, in their own time, meet with students once per school term.
  • Each student is helped to develop an individual study plan.
  • Teachers help students evaluate their goals in relation to the Leaving Certificate.
  • Teachers discuss topics such as study techniques, stress management and self care with their students.
  • Students are provided with a booklet which covers a range of topics from how to study to time management.
  • Mentors liaise with subject teachers / Guidance counsellors if a concern arises.
  • Teachers act as a listening ear and helping hand in an effort to reinforce the important skills of managing myself, managing information and learning, staying connected and keeping well during this important time.