Glitz and Glamour at The Deele College Prom 2023

Thursday, 28th September 2023……….

………..The red carpet was rolled out as Our Class of 2023 celebrated their Prom Night in the Sliver Tassie Hotel, Letterkenny and there was plenty of glitz and glam on display.

It was a fab night as this special group of friends enjoyed the customary awards, great food and a whole lot of dancing. Year Ms Hegarty summed it up for everyone as he said “it was a fantastic night”. Special thanks to the Prom Committee who worked tirelessly to organise the night and to Ms Fiona Friel, Ms Michelle Ui Raghallaigh and Ms Fiona Creagh for all their help. Check out the smiles and styles here. Im sure you will agree everyone looked amazing.

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