Sustainable Development Goals

At Deele college, sustainability and climate action are part of our everyday school life which is an ongoing worthy practice.

We were thrilled to hear about Gary Hughes, Sky Sports Director of Football, discussing how sports can mobilise greater levels of climate action. Plans were announced to host the world’s first major net-zero carbon football match – Game Zero, in partnership with Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur and supported by the UK government as hosts of COP26. The match will take place just a few weeks ahead of the UN’s COP26 Climate Change Conference, this Sunday September 19th at 4.30pm.

We can all play our part at home too, here’s how:

Five Actions to Do At Home To Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

  • Recycle and use plastic alternatives such as glass and stainless steel
  • Turn lights off when you’re not in the room
  • Hang your washing out to dry (rather than using a dryer)
  • Eat leftovers and cut down meat consumption
  • Turn down your thermostat

Together we can make all the difference! Read more here

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